Meet the Team

The team of 136 (Chipping Norton) Squadron are committed to providing an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience for all our Cadets. 

The squadron has three pillars to its structure, Squadron, Civilian Committee and the Chaplain to ensure strong governance and a continuous positive direction. We all work together to support Cadets in achieving their goals.

Squadron Leader Christlieb

Sector Commander



Officer Commanding


Pilot Officer Pitt

Training Officer

PO Pitt joined the squadron in 2017 as a Civilian Instructor to support the development and delivery of the syllabus content. As Training Officer, he is responsible to providing a strong learning experience for cadets and staff so that we all progress and grow as individuals and as a squadron. Over the past few years, he has implemented a training platform (RISE & Shine) to support cadets in accessing their learning resources so they can engage in self-study and development. Outside of RAFAC, APO Pitt is a Curriculum Manager for apprenticeships where he supports the development of the IT Industry.

As well as supporting the RAFAC, PO Pitt spends his time enjoying walks with his dog and enjoying the North Cotswolds countryside. He also spends time making this site and maintaining our RISE & Shine platform. Over the next few years, PO Pitt wants to drive the squadron forward to become bigger and stronger to provide a rewarding and enjoyable learning and development experience for all the cadets and staff. Supporting our cadets to be the best in the wing.

APO Pitt’s random fact is that he enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family. One of his favourite activities is to see, and listen to, live music. One of his goals would be to jump out of a plane as 10,000 feet. With a parachute of course.

CI Fisher



Flight Sergeant Thomas

Squadron Warrant Officer


Flight Sergeant Rillie

Adult SNCO


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