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Are you interested in joining 136 (Chipping Norton) RAF Air Cadets Squadron as a Cadet? 

We hold two Information and Open Evenings a year (February and September) to allow new cadets to join us and get started on their journey. During these evenings, we demonstrate the activities and experiences which Cadets can get and we explain what being a Cadet means for the young person and the family.

Our Information and Open Evenings are advertised through our social media platforms and our Newsletter. If you would like to be updated about our next one, fill in the Newsletter Subscription form and we will keep you informed.

Have a look through this page, and around the site, to see what Cadet life is like and what the conditions of joining the RAF Air Cadets are.

Are you eligible to join?

  • At Least 12 Years Old

    To join RAF Air Cadets, you need to be at least 12 years old in school year 8, or 13 years old. The oldest you can be to join the RAF Air Cadets is 17 as Cadet's 'Age Out' at 18.

  • Open to Adventure and Challenge

    Do you want to learn new skills and knowledge, spend time on activity weekends and learn about everything from the RAF History to Military Systems. Cadets also get experiences to fly, glide and possibly experience parachute jumps. The world of the Air Cadets offers some amazing experiences and we know you will enjoy them.

  • Believe in Equal Opportunities and Fairness

    At the core of an Air Cadet's life are the beliefs in equality, diversity, fairness and support for others. These are approaches which sit at the centre of Cadet life and supports the Child Safeguarding strategies which we all follow.

136 Sqn Testimonials

I’ve Done Things I Thought I Never Would

Being a Cadet with Chipping Norton Squadron has allowed me to experience things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I've been flying, gliding and I took part in the 11/11 [Remembrance Day] march in 2019. I have made loads of friends and I really enjoy parade nights.

A. Cadet (Leading Class)

136 Squadron

A. Cadet (Leading Class)

Being a Cadet with Chipping Norton Squadron has allowed me to experience things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

The Squadron Has Been There Through Lockdown

It has been difficult being a Cadet during lockdown, but I have been able to parade every week and make sure I am learning things to develop my classification and knowledge. It has been a challenge for the staff but they have been good at trying to keep everyone focused.

A. Cadet (Senior Class)

136 Squadron

A. Cadet (Senior Class)

It has been difficult being a Cadet during lockdown

Supporting Cadets in Challenging Times

It has been a very challenging year for our Cadets, with school and life being put on hold at times and then being re-started. As a Squadron Staff Team, we have made it our priority to support our Cadets through our Virtual Parade Nights. This means we can give them a safe space to talk and share how they are managing with everything. Cadets have also been provided a continued structure to allow them some form of stability in an ever-changing world. They have responded well and we are proud of them.

APO Pitt (Training Officer)

136 Squadron

APO Pitt (Training Officer)

As a Squadron Staff Team, we have made it our priority to support our Cadets through our Virtual Parade Nights.
136 Squadron

As an Adult Volunteer

The Staff Team of a RAF Air Cadet Squadron are key to providing a safe, developmental, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable experience for all Cadets. We are always looking for knowledgeable individuals which can benefit the Cadet experience and if you feel you could benefit the Squadron, use the form below to get in touch and we will get back to you.

What next?

Register to join 136 Sqn

Our Next Intake is September 2021

Complete the form to register the interest of up to 3 potential cadets, or declare an interest in becoming an Adult Volunteer with the Squadron. We conduct two rounds of Cadet recruitment a year and we will contact you before our next one. If you are registering an interest to be an Adult Volunteer, we will be in touch soon. 

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