This year, RAF Air Cadets up and down the

Vera Lynne Photo - Circa 1962

Grand Gala du Disque , Ellen Craamer (m), Vera Lynn ( en Connie Froboes (r)
*29 september 1962

country missed-out on attending the annual celebrate of the corps and the work we do. We missed the joy of this experience because of COVID-19 and the continuing lockdown around England and the United Kingdom.


Although we weren’t able to enjoy this celebration in person, many of us celebrated quietly and looked back on our own experiences as Air Cadets.

The Staff Team of 136 Squadron would just like to let all our Cadets know, that we may have missed ATC Sunday 2021, but we will be back! We will be able to enjoy being on parade again in the future and the next parade we attend will be one to allow us to show-off what we do and how proud we are of wearing the uniform and providing the support and assistance we do to the Squadron.

Stay safe, keep smiling and we will all meet again soon.