Every Cadet wants to get up in the air during their time on a squadron. 136 (Chipping Norton) Squadron have access to RAF Benson (Air Experience Flight 6) for powered flight in the Grob Tutor, and 621 VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) for the Grob Viking glider. Being airborne is one of the most amazing experiences and there is always a grab for places as, and when, the opportunities come up.

It is important to know that the aircraft Cadets use is well maintained and serviced. Today, Serco has been announced as the contract winner for the maintenance of the Grob Viking glider; the craft that all VGS across England use.

136 Sqn Cadets can’t wait to get back in the air after the COVID-19 pandemic has been confined to history. This article is just something to remind everyone that the opportunities do exist and we will get back in the clouds.