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136 Sqn Newsletter

February 2021

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The past few weeks have been busy for us again. We have continued to be available to provide support to Cadets during the latest Lockdown, and we have been making sure we can continue to provide Virtual Parade Nights to keep the wheels turning. We will continue to operate under the new regulations, and as soon as things change we will let you know. In the meantime, have a look at what we have been up to.

COVID-19 Update

The RAF Air Cadets has Cadet and Staff safety at the core of everything it does. As we continue through this challenging time, the Squadron continues to operate in Virtual Parade format. Parade nights continue to be accessible via Cadet Portal and through MS Teams. As, and when, things change we will let everyone know through the Newsletter, e-mails and parade updates to make sure everyone is informed and we can return in a safe and supportive manner.

Latest Posts

Information Evening (Feb 2021)

It has been a busy few months for CI Harrison, but on Tuesday 23 Feb 21 he lead the Squadron, and over 40 guests, in the Information Evening. This is the first event of its kind for the Squadron, and one of only a few held within the Corps itself. CI Harrison, supported by some of the Cadets, Staff Team …
Information Evening (Feb 2021)
Vera Lynne Photo - Circa 1962

Missing ATC Sunday 2021

This year, RAF Air Cadets up and down the country missed-out on attending the annual celebrate of the corps and the work we do. We missed the joy of this experience because of COVID-19 and the continuing lockdown around England and the United Kingdom. Although we weren't able to enjoy this celebration in person, many of us celebrated quietly …

Staying Airworthy

Every Cadet wants to get up in the air during their time on a squadron. 136 (Chipping Norton) Squadron have access to RAF Benson (Air Experience Flight 6) for powered flight in the Grob Tutor, and 621 VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) for the Grob Viking glider. Being airborne is one of the most amazing experiences and there is always a …
Staying Airworthy

February 2021

February 2021 saw 136 Sqn take on its first ever virtual Information Evening; and one of the first in the whole RAF Air Cadets. The evening was attended by over 40 people and we are now in the process of getting everyone ready to join us and start their Cadet experience. You can view the presentation from the evening by clicking here.
Following on from the Information Evening, if you have a Cadet that wants to join us this coming March please visit the Information Evening Survey and complete the details as required. This is what will allow us to contact those wishing to join, including how to access the link for the first Virtual Parade Night as a new Cadet in 136 Squadron.
Our new learning platform, Rise and Shine is now active and Cadets will start to be moved over to the new system in the coming month. Keep an eye out for an email confirming you have been moved over. Over the coming months, the resources available on here will grow and become more interactive and supportive of development and learning.
The Cadets and Staff of the squadron, wish CI McCann all the best as he heads over to the USA this month. He's heading to the Simulator as part of his new work role and we look forward to hearing the stories and seeing the photos afterwards. He'll be updating the blog to make sure he keeps everyone up to date. Enjoy some flight time.

March 2021

RAF Air Cadets Aspire
On 4th March 2021, the Squadron will be playing host to the RAF Air Cadets Aspire Team. This is the LGBT+ team for the Corps and they will be presenting an LGBT+ Awareness evening. Cadets can sign up for this event through Cadet Portal.
With the Government announcing the national road map to the removal off lockdown and the return of everyday life, there is now a bigger light at the end of the tunnel for the Squadron to head back to face to face parades. We will be keeping everybody up-to-date with our plans and when we get a date for a return, we will make sure everybody knows.
British Army - Mental Health
Life is difficult at the moment. That isn't limited to a single group of individuals or any segment of society. In this video, General Sir Patrick Sanders (British Army) talks about his engagement and journey with mental health difficulties as a member of an active service unit. Well worth a watch!!!

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